Noruhito A


■ What is "NORUHITO A"? 

All you have to do is to pile up blocks one after another!

Pile up blocks coming from the right and left sides in balance, and aim
to go up as high as possible!

It is very simple and fun to play!

It is really easy to learn how to play!

- Press the jump button to jump

- Keep pressing the jump button to float in the air (for a limited time only).

There are only two things that you have to remember!

When the balance meter, which is shown on the top of the screen,
indicates completely either to the left or right side, the

piled tower collapses, and then the game ends. If you can go up to the
Moon, you will be a professional "NORUHITO" player!

In this action game, fully use your sense of balance and jump timing!

"NORUHITO A" corresponds with the online ranking, so have fun and
compete with tons of people out there!



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